What harm does your mobile phone do to your brain

What harm does your mobile phone do to your brain

The first place -, where the biggest number of phones from the study list was recorded, the price was lowered for the lowest price (12), the second –  (10), the third –  (7) . Most of the phones sold at the highest price were recorded at  (19 out of 36). It took the last ranking place.

We have also compared the prices of the three mobile phone operators from the survey list separately with the plan. The unambiguous leader is Tele2. Here, as many as 30 positions out of 36, the lowest prices were recorded. The most expensive phones are Telia. Here, even 28 phones out of 36 were sold more expensive than their competitors.

In terms of the price of a new phone, regardless of whether it was sold with a plan or without, we recorded Tele2 as the largest number of cheap phones during the survey.

Researchers are concerned about the damage our daily use of mobile phones is causing. What do we really know about the health risks of mobile phones? – This is the question Brain cancer, nerve damage, and various tumors are all possible negative consequences of using a regular mobile phone. True, there is no serious evidence that regular use of the phone is dangerous, but that does not mean that it is not worth worrying, says the portal. What about radiation?

The radiation emitted by the mobile phone is of great concern – it is a health hazard. Mobile phones emit radio frequency energy or radio waves that can be absorbed by body tissues. Previous studies have shown links between frequent use of a mobile phone and certain brain tumors.

However, according to Martos Roosli, professor of the Institute of Public and Preventive Medicine at Basel University in Switzerland, the radiation emitted by a mobile phone should not cause anxiety. It is a very small amount of radio frequency energy – the same is transmitted by television and radio signals. “This is a non-ionizing radiation, so it is not radioactive or X-ray,” Dw explained to Roosli. According to him, this type of radiation does not cause direct damage to DNA. It is impossible. Regarding the relationship between this type of radiation and cancer, Roosli says “not seeing any signs of intercourse”.you can visit this site for more knowledge mobilieji telefonai.

Often, research is “retrospective” and is based on people who remember how much they used the phone, and people who are already sick tend to hyperbolize, says Roosli. “We are not seeing a significant increase in cancer over the past two decades, which could be expected if the use of mobile phones has such an effect,” he said. At that time, Frank de Vocht, a lecturer at Bristol University, DW said that if the use of mobile phones would significantly increase the risk, let’s say cancer would be much more researched by scientists; for example, how the risk of lung cancer is investigated.