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Development Blog


Part 1: What’s taking place right now?


Work on update zero.Nine is going complete blast. The cause of this developer diary is to acquaint you a bit extra thoroughly with the ultra-modern version of the sport.


In brand new put up:

1) A little approximately the update

2) Temporary unit shop

three) Trenches

4) New vehicle models introduced

five) Future trends


A little about the update

1) We’ve been difficult at paintings at the state-of-the-art version and wanted to expose you the end result of our labors as soon as viable. You would possibly have some remarks, otherwise you might be seeking out flaws in this model. We ask that you take a informed method to the situation and tell us approximately any issues you discover. We respect all your reports of mistakes and/or insects. Help us make the game higher!

2) Update 0.9 introduces a full campaign for the “Axis” international locations. However, the ancient chronicles and missions available inside the deluxe and strategic editions of the game will not be to be had yet when the new edition is released.


3) Many players would really like to understand whether or not or no longer their development could be reset whilst the new economy is added.

Our solution: no. There will no longer be a wipe.


We experience love it’s important to keep your progress and look at how the brand new financial version works at some stage in various degrees of progress in the game.

If you still need to start the sport over again, we will reset any base of your selecting. For instance, you could save your development for the Allies, but wipe the U.S..

To reset one or all your bases, e-mail us at support@blitzkrieg.Com and input “wipe” in the challenge line. You’ll want to connect two screenshots to the message: one among your base and one of the leaderboard.

We’re planning to do a full wipe when the game launches. Until then, we are not going to make these sorts of undertakings obligatory.

Four) Since we’re best launching an “Axis” campaign, we expect that the sizable majority of gamers are going to need to play as that faction. We’re temporarily disabling the ban on attacking contributors of your very own coalition (the priority will nonetheless be on attacking members of the alternative coalition).

Temporary unit keep

We’ve already mentioned numerous time that we are going to introduce a new financial system to the sport.

Because of this, we needed to reflect onconsideration on a way to transfer your development from the antique device to the brand new one.

In the beginning you may be given a sure number of gadgets. You will earn new squads and cars by using triumphing battles. You can be able to buy units much like those that may be received in warfare at the store. The save will best be to be had for a confined time. Your development might be transferred right into a special forex. You can spend this currency on units, fortifications, and barricades.


You’ve been requesting them!

You’ve been watching for them!

And your cries had been heard via our group! 🙂

In update zero.9 you will be able to entrench automobiles much like inside the preceding games inside the collection, as well as dig trenches. The advent of this mechanic will considerably impact combat methods: you may now be capable of prepare to fulfill the enemy.