Beth Tamayo Allegedly Sentenced To “Bitay Sa Amerika Dahil Sa Droga”

How evident is it that Beth Tamayo was condemned to “Bitay Sa Amerika Dahil Sa Droga”?

Previous ctress Beth Tamayo was purportedly condemned to death in America because of her inclusion with illicit substance.

This gossip has been spreading inside news identities and nobody knows where this began.

In light of the article distributed in Bandera which excitement writer Cristy Fermin wrote, press individuals has no clue who is the defender of this issue.Her article has this title, “Genuine ba ang chika, Beth Tamayo binitay daw sa Amerika dahil sa droga? Pinoy Tambayan”

Is it actually evident? What could be the premise of this?

On the off chance that this is only talk, at that point who begun this?

As indicated by Fermin, the gossip about Beth Tamayo won’t just cease to exist. Beside the allegation that she is a medication client and pusher, there were likewise charges that she is a medication messenger.

Along these lines, Filipinos in America are inquiring as to whether this gossip is confirmed Pinoy Tambayan.

Fermin related the story amid the wake of the cousin of choreographer Mel Feliciano. They discussed Beth Tamayo.

The previous on-screen character is near the group of Mel’s cousin. That was the time that the gossip about her was disproved.”Walang katotohanan ang kumakalat na balitang binitay siya dahil sa pagkakasangkot sa droga,” Fermin composed.

The diversion editorialist additionally said that Beth returned to the Philippines just as of late. It was likewise said that she remained with Judy Ann Santos. The two big names are known to be best of companions for quite a while now.

In view of the article, Beth Tamayo is carrying on with a decent life now in the United States of America. Fermin included her report that the entertainer is presently glad and fulfilled in dealing with debilitated people.Back in the ahead of schedule of 1990’s, Beth was a well known on-screen character left an imprint in the big time as she featured in a great deal of TV programs and films.

Beside the way that she is wonderful and capable, it can likewise be recollected that she wedded the Chinese businessperson Johnny Wong however shockingly, their marriage life did not keep going that long.

In 2008, she flew and moved to the United States and individuals were in stupor since it was so abrupt and on 2012, in an elite meeting with Pep, despite everything she didn’t uncover the principle motivation behind why of her takeoff however she had a few explanations pinoy lambingan.

She said that they were getting passing dangers through instant messages that is the reason they were in a rush to leave the Philippines the soonest the conceivable and it was on the grounds that the assistance she loaned to her better half.

Exchanging to the outside nation, she even experienced keeping an eye on a Colombian family and as needs be, it was an extremely ‘lowering background’.

However at this point, she was by all accounts carrying on with an extremely straightforward life. She works in an office and she is an administrator there pinoy lambingan.

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