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Promote the giveaway to customers post checkout

If you sell a product, adding a link to your sweepstakes post checkout can be a great way for you to gather entries. Since these people already bought something from you, they’ll most likely be happy to have the chance to win something.

Include a message in your packages

If you ship out physical products, a great way to get people to enter your sweepstakes is to toss a little card inside of every package telling them to enter the promotion. Remember, just because these people are already customers does not mean that they won’t get their friends and family to become sweepstakes software for sale too!

Submit to StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that allows you to “stumble” the best of the web. You can submit your sweepstakes to StumbleUpon for free and there is a chance that the page gets stumbled enough times that it drives a significant amount of traffic to your promotion.

Use StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery

StumbleUpon’s paid discovery allows you to get targeted traffic directly to your sweepstakes. Paid discovery is a unique system because there are no ads or links involved; you choose your targeting and they automatically serve your site through the StumbleUpon system. With this type of promoting, you’re getting guaranteed visitors.


Blogger outreach

Bloggers are constantly looking for great content to share with their audience. Compile a list of 10 or 20 bloggers in your niche, and reach out to each of them with a personalized email about the sweepstakes you’re launching, and how you think it would be a great fit for their audience if they would be willing to promote it for you.


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