Best Fashion Bloggers & Street-Style Instagrams to Follow in 2019

Best Fashion Bloggers & Street-Style Instagrams to Follow in 2019

daliluki aims to hold one event per month in different clinics and Partner entities. This shall give the clients the opportunity to get to know the services and also holds a chance for the clinic to win this client for certain services offered. This will create a closer community. the events will be organized by the clinics who are waiting for this opportunity to be realized. daliluki will invite each of their members to the events which will be themed with subjects that concerns the users. Also to  createthe events twice a year, by bringing top doctors and practitioners to talk about relevant subjects. the Events shall be covered with Press attendance and social media influencers to increase their fame in the market. The events will be hold in 5 star hotels and will hold an exciting program for the members.


  1. A guide for females to aesthetic treatments
  2. General Information about treatments
  3. Professional Videos about treatments
  4. A guide to UAE clinics
  5. A guide to special discounted deals on aesthetic treatments
  6. Redemption of limited discounts
  7. Reviews about cosmetic treatments
  8. Popularity rankings of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments.


E website is blended for helping businesses and professionals to improve well-being and create healthier habits. This can be achieved through many activities, discounts and blogsthat are meant to educate the members to learn more about a treatments and to implement it in their daily practices.

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